The Department of Music at the University of Mary Washington offers students the opportunity to explore a rich assortment of topics, offering instruction in computer music, recording techniques, and integration of digital music in multimedia applications.

The Department of Music is home to a state-of-the-art recording and production studio. It has a large selection of outboard analog and digital processing gear and an extensive microphone collection. The studio is home to our audio production classes and is available to students for personal projects. The studio boasts an excellent array of hardware and software instruments, including vintage synthesizers like the ARP 2600 and the Roland JV-2080.

Collaboration is a guiding principle for the department. Internationally recognized composers will meet with you in seminars, symposia and master classes. Students will have the opportunity to collaborate with filmmakers, video games and virtual reality from the computer science department, choreographers for dance performances, writers and directors of theater and music productions, and others.

At the Department of Music, we are here to help you realize your visions. We empower creativity.

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